NatMAT and friends head to Moeraki

The 14 Nov saw some 17(!) photographers pile out of cars at Katiki Point lighthouse into a clear, sunny, and warm afternoon. The plan: photographing around the Katiki Nature Reserve, fish and chips at The Fishwife in Moeraki, then on to Moeraki boulders. Some folks chose to stop at Shag Point on their way home, they found a grand spot for a specific visit!

Walking around the reserve and headland led to images of photographers, fisherpeople, sea gulls, shags, penguins, terns, plants, insects, landscapes, and more. We were entertained with seal antics, in the water and on the rocks; the fishermen and their catches; and lots of birds in flight.

The general consensus seems to be The Fishwife dishes up some of the best blue cod around!

Then on to the beach and fun with jumping and pushing and sitting and running with the boulders. Some long exposures, reflections, and shadows. Those at Shag Point found barnacles, rocks, rock pools, sea weeds, star fish, more rock jumping, and more landscapes.

A fabulous afternoon, and evening, out with friends and photos …

  • Judith Swan

2020 Projected Image Exhibition No.2 Results

The results of our second Projected Image Exhibition for 2020 were announced at the club meeting this week. For the first time, we used Zoom at a club meeting, so that one of our judges was able to present her comments ‘in person’, and it seemed to work really well. Watch this space for more Zoom visitors at meetings!

Congratulations to Stephanie Forrester APSNZ for her Champion Open Image Out of the Fog and to Simon Parsons for his Champion Natural History Image Albatross 1, and well done to everyone who had images accepted.

Out of the Fog by Stephanie Forrester

Albatross 1 by Simon Parsons

Thank you very much to our judges, Nicki Mora LPSNZ for the Natural History section, and Cushla Moorhead for the Open. We really appreciate the time they put into judging for us, and their thoughtful commentary.

The results are available here as a PDF and below in the two slideshows.

  • Nicola

What’s On: November 2020

Image by David Steer

Only a few more meetings for this strange year – please remember to check the programme here for any changes, as we try to keep this as updated as possible.

7:30pm, Monday 2 November  View Finder #5: Kevin Landwer-Johan, Cultural Sensitivity when Photographing in South East Asia   Zoom  
7:30pm, Monday 9 November  Club meeting: Simone Jackson – Wedding and Family Photography Slideshow: Alphabet Challenge CDEProjected Image Of The Month: Food and Drink and Open Appraisers: Anastasia Labudina and TBC  Mornington Presbyterian Community Centre, 16 Maryhill Tce  
7:30pm, Monday 16 November  Focus group meetings   Zoom and various  
7:30pm, Monday 23 November  Club meeting: Trevor Douglas – Aerial Photography
10 minute presentations by Graeme Atkinson and Ian Thompson Slideshow: Alphabet Challenge BA
Print of the Month: Open Appraiser: Melanie DickMornington Presbyterian Community Centre, 16 Maryhill Tce  
  • Nicola

Focus Groups: NatMAT

Thanks to Judith for putting this together for us recently – looks like the NatMAT group has been a hive of activity!

Themes and Fieldtrips

What has the Nature – Macro – Astro – Timelapse (NatMAT) focus group been doing??

Well, we started with a chat and found out we were keen on photographing pretty much anything ‘outside’, taking part in field trips, and learning from our colleagues. So with those things in mind we set up a field trip to the Botanic Gardens.

The aim was to take some macro images. We had a beautiful afternoon of sunshine with nearly a dozen of us finding bees, weevils, flowers (especially yellow flowers!), yellow and black bugs, and some fungi. These images got critiqued at our next face-to-face meeting, and we learnt good ideas from each other.

Then COVID-19 came along and turned the world upside down!

Nature-Macro pivoted to online! We decided to meet once a week (Sunday evening) using the DPS Zoom room, sharing images based on a theme.

We started with ‘My Garden Inhabitants’ which showed up some skills within our group. We’ve challenged ourselves with birds, water, focus stacking (after Ged shared some techniques for focus stacking), fungi, insects (after a DPS presentation on insect photography), ‘creative nature’ (after some ideas from Tulipa), astro/stars, and always open.

As soon as we moved to level 1 Nature-Macro scheduled a field trip!!

In mid July another dozen or so of us arrived at Yellowhead, Broad Bay, again on a stunningly clear beautiful afternoon with a low tide. We enjoyed a wonderful slow stroll around the point with images of birds, krill, harbour, sky, boats, and lots of the cliff face. All supported with lots of chat, catching up, and friendships – new and old.

Our club colleagues from the Astro-Timelapse focus group opted to come along and join in. As the group size expanded, so did our name!!

More recently, we’ve learnt from Karen about the different twilights, and the transition from light to dark. We’ve challenged ourselves to use that learning with astro and twilight themes. More trips and themes have included Purakanui, birds in flight, green, weather, asymmetry, black and white, and Aramoana.

This week we’re working on spring images, thinking about other things we’d like to do, and hoping for a nice enough weekend to visit Aramoana. If any of this sounds like you, please come along – DPS Zoom room, Sunday, 7:30pm.

Here are some of the images that we’ve taken and shared and learnt from:

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  • Judith

What’s On: October 2020

Image by Melanie Dick

Now that things are looking a bit more normal back at Level 1, here are the plans for this month. As before, if we need to go back to Level 2, all face-to-face meetings will be postponed or moved to Zoom when possible. Hopefully there should be something here for everyone!

7:30pm, Sun 4 Oct  Nature/Macro/Astro/Timelapse focus group meeting   Zoom  
7:30pm, Mon 5 Oct  View Finder #4: Maarten Rots, Abstract Architecture   Zoom  
7:30pm, Mon 12 Oct  Club meeting: Graeme Warman – Food Photography  Projected Image Of The Month: Sport Action and Open Appraisers: Chris Hewitt & Ken Trevathan  Mornington Presbyterian Community Centre, 16 Maryhill Tce  
10am, Sun 18 OctProjects/Sets focus group photo walkStreet Art Challenge and ArchitectureQueens Gardens
7:30pm, Mon 19 Oct  Focus group meetings   Zoom and various  
7:30pm, Mon 26 Oct  Club meeting: Projected Image Exhibition, Mini workshop on reflectors, external lighting and white balance   Mornington Presbyterian Community Centre, 16 Maryhill Tce  

Please email me at if you have anything to add to our calendar.

– Nicola

Intro to the 2020-21 DPS Council

We had an excellent turnout for our AGM earlier this week, and once again, were lucky enough to have a good, healthy Council elected.  As Gary mentioned at the meeting, a very big welcome to Judith Swan who is our newest Councillor, and many thanks to the Councillors who stepped down at the AGM: Glenn Symon, Ita Daniels, Brian Treanor, Jenny Longstaff, Antonio de Souza, and Simone Jackson who finished earlier in the year.

As not everyone was able to attend the meeting, and as we’ve had a few new members join over the lockdown months, this seems like a good time to briefly introduce the newly elected Council.  Without further ado, they are:

PatronsIan Wyllie and Phil Hollard 
President (and Immediate Past Pres)Gary
Print SecretaryTulipa
Projected Image SecretaryMelanie
AV SecretaryAnastasia Labudina 
Field Trip SecretaryRoss
Social Media SecretaryNicola
CouncillorsAlan Coppin, Bob Dagg, Judith Swan 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email the relevant person above, or talk to them at a meeting – they’re a friendly bunch, and frequently know the answers to most things!

– Nicola

Focus groups: Projects and Sets by Noelle Bennett

Thinking back to those heady days before our lives were turned upside-down – you know, the days before the word COVID had become part of our everyday vocabulary – I remember the excitement I felt when I heard about the inception of the Projects and Sets Special Interest Group and its plan to use Zoom for the meetings. How awesome was that! Well, it was pretty awesome for somebody like me, who is a rather far flung member of the DPS (we relocated to Picton in 2018). Zoom meetings will seem really old hat now, but back when the group started, they certainly weren’t the norm.


Beginning with something of a blank page, and having been told that basically we had free reign to do anything (that was possibly a rather dangerous statement!), there was always going to be an element of thinking outside the box – hence the decision to use Zoom. As David Steer so succinctly put it (and as we now probably all appreciate) using Zoom would give us the flexibility to meet when we wanted to because there would be no need to go up to Mornington – or in my case, not join in at all. Because of Zoom, we could even have guest appraisers or advisers.


The idea was for everybody in the group to produce a ‘set’ which could be displayed in an exhibition of some sort and which could also be part of a larger collaboration set. We would work towards this by producing sets with an increasing number of images in them. And each month we would decide on different subject matter to use. All of this would be liberally interspersed with photo walks and photo weekends (which, sadly, didn’t convert to Zoom).


I’m sure that for David it has, at times, felt like trying to herd a group of somewhat recalcitrant teenagers, coaxing and cajoling us into producing our monthly images of subject matter that possibly wouldn’t have been our first choice to photograph. Our first subject of food springs instantly to my mind – love eating it, not a fan of photographing it! But what a phenomenal journey it’s been and what a long way we’ve come. As I mentioned, our first sets were of food (six images). We then moved on to an open theme but the images had to have a connection and/or tell a story. Again, we stayed with six images. Next were black and white sets (again six images), followed by phone images (only three images this time, much to my relief – had another bout of recalcitrant teenager with this subject). In all cases, we needed to try and make the images work as sets – in other words, there needed to be a flow between the images; they needed to ‘work’ together. And believe me, that is much harder than it sounds!


Right from the outset, just about all the members of the group had said they were interested in working towards producing Honours sets. The most recent sets were put together as a starting point for whichever Honours the individuals are working towards and which therefore required either ten or twelve images. We were very fortunate in having an appraisal of each of the sets done via Zoom by Graham Dainty, who was a member of the PSNZ Honours Board for ten years. That feedback has been invaluable to us all and it was actually really helpful being able to hear the feedback on each others work, along with what did and didn’t work and why. Having the opportunity to ask questions of Graham and thereby tap into his amazing knowledge was simply awesome.


So thank you David for your patience and foresight. And thank you to all the members of the Projects and Sets Special Interest Group for making these meetings such a positive and fun learning environment.


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