DPS Honours focus group successes

Successful Licentiate set by Tulipa Briggs

The DPS Honours group was formed last year to encourage and support members to submit for a
PSNZ honour, such as Licentiate or Associate. We meet each month and in February some of us
submitted a set of photos for assessment. There was then a very long wait due to Covid-19
restrictions delaying the assessment panel meeting. This week we received the results. The following
people can now use letters after their name:
– Gary McClintock APSNZ
– Greg Hughson LPSNZ
– Gordon Speed LPSNZ
– Judith Swan LPSNZ
– Ross McIvor LPSNZ
– Tulipa Briggs LPSNZ

One other member of the group was unsuccessful this year but is planning to start earlier for the
next submission and hopefully, the feedback from this year will be useful.
Congratulations to all those who did the hard work of applying.
This year the Honours Board approved 49 people for an LPSNZ so our club made 10% of those
numbers. I think this is a great result for the focus group and I personally found it very useful both
for knowledge and feedback, and for motivation to keep working towards a goal.
Our group continues to meet with a plan for working towards another submission next year and has
been working through a series of exercises. We will now have to up our standards for the next
All members of DPS are welcome to join our group and we will help each other to work towards the
goal of a PSNZ Honour. We meet on Zoom on the third Monday of each month. It is a friendly group,
and everyone is supportive and willing to share their information and knowledge. If you are
interested drop me an email at gorspe@gmail.com and I will welcome you to the group and add you
to the reminder emails that I send out.

  • Gordon Speed