Photoshop Tutorials: Multiplicity by Mark Galer

Mark Glaler, Adobe Ambassador and Photoshop Guru has put together a tutorial on an effect he calls Multiplicity.

You can find the tutorial here

The trick is to find the correct image to try the effect on, just as Nicola has on the image below. Thanks also to Nicola for suggesting the tutorial as a blog post.

Rush hour in Bangkok by Nicola Pye


Triptychs: Three reasons to give it a go

The 2018 Nelson National Triptych Salon is open for submissions, so if you’re not a regular creator of triptychs, here are three reasons why you should give it a go.

  1. It stimulates creativity
  2. Your post processing skills will have improved by the time you’ve finished
  3. It’s fun

Some examples, ideas and the concept of a triptych here

How to make a triptych in Photoshop or in Elements

All the information you need to to enter the National Triptych Salon is here, including further help on making a Triptych.

Regardless of entering the Salon, why not share your triptychs on the DPS Facebook page.