A series of online talks by photographers from home and abroad.

These meetings are held via Zoom on the first Monday of each month for Dunedin Photographic Society members. If you are not a member and are interested in participating, please contact

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6th Dec – Judy Stokes: Nurturing the Creative Flame

Judy Stokes

Judy is a creative photographer based on the west coast of Northland. She is inspired by nature and the ocean and loves to spend many hours capturing it with her camera. She also enjoys the follow up of post processing and finds it a self-reflective and creative time. Judy often, but not always, uses ICM (Intentional camera Movement) to create her images and loves the way this free style of photography simplifies scenes and seems to capture the essence of a time and place. Judy enjoys the sense of connection to others through sharing her images and her techniques through her workshops. She and Gail Stent have teamed up to give  creative “WildChild weekend workshops” around New Zealand. Judy is also an accredited PSNZ judge. 

In this zoom session Judy will share how she “Nurtures the Creative Flame” She will also give a brief introduction on her style of “Painting with your camera”