Tips for Zoom

In light of the current COVID-19 situation and subsequent halt to all face-to-face DPS meetings (until end of April), we have set up an online meeting alternative using Zoom.

On this page we will include some tips and pointers on accessing and using Zoom.

We will add more info here as we work through issues that we find members have when accessing the meeting.

DPS Online meeting etiquette

  • (at this stage) Please keep your microphone muted – unless a question is directed to you.
  • To get everyone started, please let us know that you can hear the host speaking by:
    • Clicking on the participants icon – this accesses the non-verbal feedback tools
    • Clicking on the green Yes icon.
    • This will put a green tick next to your name in the chat window and indicate to us that everything is working at your end.
  • When you use the chat, make sure you send your message to a specific person – not to Everyone (pick a name from the drop down list)

Guide to the Zoom screen

What the Zoom buttons do

I can’t hear anything

Make sure the sound on your computer or device is not muted. A good test to see if you can hear sound on your device is to listen to this short video about Zoom:

Can anyone can hear me?

By default, everyone joining the meeting will have their microphone muted (if they have one). The Control Room host (David Steer) will be able to un-mute participants if needed. However, for the first few meetings we will operate with only those running the meeting able to speak.

Can I ask a question during the meeting?

Yes. There is a chat facililty which you can use to ask a question. At the bottom of the Zoom window there is a Chat icon. If you click on this it should make the chat window visible.

To send a message, first pick the person who the message is for from the dropdown list, and then type your message.

Note: Please make sure you send your message to the Meeting Chair (general questions during the meeting), Control Room (technical questions during the meeting), or the speaker (whoever that may be).
By default messages are sent to Everyone – which you may not want.

Access the chat window

The video windows are obscuring my view of the slides/images

You can hide the videos of the members in the meeting by clicking the buttons at the top of the window

Close the video windows

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