The A-Z challenge — submit photos by Fri 22 Feb.

This post is a reminder about the new A-Z challenge that we have initiated. During our next meeting (on Monday 25 Feb.) we will project submitted images responding to the letters A and B. The interpretation of each letter is up to you. Please email your photos to Bob Dagg at by midnight Fri 22 Feb. Title your images with your name and the letter, e.g. Freddie Mercury A or Elizabeth Windsor B. Images should be in jpeg/jpg format, less than 2 MB, and not longer than 1620 pixels on the horizontal and 1080 on the vertical.

You can also post your images as a comment to the A and B posts that David Steer has published on our closed Facebook page. The purpose of this challenge is to encourage us all to take photos regularly and to share and comment on them. The spirit of this challenge is to generate new work, not to use images from your archive.

Mark McGuire (Social Media Secretary)
Woodcut diagram of a visual alphabet
Woodcut diagram of a visual alphabet and its application from Johann Horst von Romberch’s work on memory, Congestorium artificiose memorie (Venice: Melchiorre Sessa, 1533) (Public Domain Image)

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