Post Instagram from your computer

Regardless of whether you are new to Instagram or an old hand, you probably wish it was possible to upload images directly from your computer. Well, it is now. Here’s how:

  1. Open Google Chrome (install if needed)
  2. Use the following shortcut; either Ctrl+Shift+i (Windows), or Command+Shift+(Mac) . This opens the developer window that can be resized so it doesn’t dominate your screen.
  3. Use the following shortcut; either Ctrl+Shift+m (Windows) or Command+Shift+m (Mac)  You are now in Mobile simulation mode.
  4. Login to your Instagram account, hopefully things will appear the same as viewing Instagram on a mobile device.

Note: Instagram appears to be ignoring #hashtags when posting them with the image itself. However, posting #hashtags in a separate comment will work correctly.



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