Results of 45th Dunedin Festival of Photography

2014 Champion Projected Image: Popping Poppy - Susie Hare, Karaka
2014 Champion Projected Image: Popping Poppy – Susie Hare, Karaka

Judging of the 45th Dunedin Festival of Photography took place on Saturday 27th September and the results have been emailed to all entrants. Congratulations to everyone who had images accepted and those who received awards. We had a large number of entries and overall the standard was high. We cannot accept everything and many good images had to be rejected; if you did not succeed this year we encourage you to enter again next year.

The accepted prints and a slideshow of accepted projected images will be exhibited at the Dunedin Community Gallery from Tues 21st – Mon 27th October. There will be an official opening on Monday 20th, with invitations to be emailed to entrants shortly.

45th Dunedin Festival of Photography Awards

Open Print

  • Champion
    • Liz Hardley, Auckland – Armageddon
  • Honours and Best Otago
    • Matheson Beaumont, Dunedin – Dance Macabre
  • Honours
    • Emiko Cowell, Dunedin – Wintering Trees
    • Sandra Hobbs, Christchurch – Clock tower ghost
    • Glenn Symon, Dunedin – Shipwreck Bay
    • Philippa Wood, Wellington – Caps

Portrait Print

  • Champion
    • Liz Hardley, Auckland – Close Cut
  • Honours
    • Joshua Donnelly, Nelson – Costume Maker, Sir Greg
    • Liz Hardley, Auckland – Leaving
    • Sandra Hobbs, Christchurch – Gordon
    • Melanie Middlemiss, Dunedin – Grant

Monochrome Print

  • Champion
    • Mark Berger, Wellington – Pride
  • Honours
    • Joshua Donnelly, Nelson – Jama Masjid Mosque
    • Joshua Donnelly, Nelson – Nevis Valley Hut
    • Liz Hardley, Auckland – The Final Throw
    • Glenn Symon, Dunedin – Moffat Oven

Natural History Print

  • Champion
    • Glenda Rees, Gore – Rifleman (acanthisitta chloris)
  • Honours
    • Shona Kebble, Auckland – Eastern Osprey, Pandion haliaetus
    • Craig McKenzie, Dunedin – Juvenile Tui
    • Michael Sutton, Dunedin – St Clair Storm

Open Projected Image

  • Champion
    • Susie Hare, Karaka – Popping Poppy
  • Honours and Best Otago
    • Kevin Bowie, Lake Tekapo – Moeraki
  • Honours
    • Bruce Burgess, Auckland – Franz Josef Glacier Ice Cave
    • Scott Fowler, Christchurch – Love me or Leave me
    • Lorraine Gibb, Timaru – Pastels
    • Chris McKay, West Melton – Down the road
    • David Steer, Dunedin – Terminally Twisted
    • Micky Waby, Dunedin – Copper and Apples

Portrait Projected Image

  • Champion
    • Joy Kachina, Australia – Hannah
  • Honours
    • Lorraine Gibb, Timaru – Phoebe
    • Joy Kachina, Australia – Sisterly Love
    • Shona Kebble, Auckland – Tracey
    • Justine Turner, Auckland – Jade
    • Gill Williams, Christchurch – Gang Culture

Monochrome Projected Image

  • Champion
    • Chris McKay, West Melton – The eyes have it
  • Honours
    • Mark Berger, Wellington – Despair
    • Mark Berger, Wellington – Waiting
    • Bruce Burgess, Auckland – Going Up
    • Susie Hare, Karaka – It Wasn’t Me!
    • Linda Jarrett, Auckland – Hi there!
    • Nicola Pye, Dunedin – On the brink

Nature Projected Image

  • Champion
    • Elizabeth Passuello, Greymouth – Hygrocybe graminicolor
  • Honours
    • Lorraine Gibb, Timaru – Mycena species
    • Susie Hare, Karaka – Kereru
    • Chris Helliwell, Porirua – Tadorna variegata (Paridise Shelduck) Young
    • Shona Kebble, Auckland – Striated Heron, Butorides striatus
    • Bevan Tulett, Christchurch – Immature Black Stilt Himantopus novaezelandiae
    • Bevan Tulett, Christchurch – Australasian Harrier Circus approximans

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