PSNZ Update – November 2021

As mentioned in the recent Camera Talk, the PSNZ Council has recently created a Councillor for Clubs Liaison role, designed specifically to be the go-to person for affiliated clubs to communicate with, about PSNZ affairs. They’ve asked for each club to nominate a member to be the contact for that club, and we’re very lucky that Judith Swan has agreed to take on this role. Her first update is as follows:

Upcoming PSNZ events and dates to note

22 November 2021: CameraTalk
Articles for the next CameraTalk are due. Email to CameraTalk can be read at:

16 January 2022: Honours submissions
Submissions open and must be received by 5pm on 28 February 2022. Information about the PSNZ Honours can be found here: 

January 2022: PSNZ Sony National Exhibition
Entries open. Categories are Nature and Open. The competition is open to all NZ residents. More information here:

1 March 2022: PSNZ Interclub Salons
Entries for these salons close. More information about these competitions is here:

April 2022: PSNZ National Convention
REGISTRATIONS OPEN. The convention next year is in Rotorua and you can learn about the event here: