Our First Meeting for 2019 — Mon. 11 Feb.

The first meeting of the Dunedin Photographic Society for 2019 will be at 7:30 PM Monday 11 February at the Mornington Presbyterian Community Centre, 16 Maryhill Terrace. The meeting will include the following:

1) Projected Image of the Month
Summer, appraised by Clive Copeman.

2) The new Fortnightly Challenge
The Council would like to invite you to participate in a new initiative, The A-Z Challenge. Members will submit images for a slideshow to be shown at each meeting, we will cover the full alphabet over the year, starting at the first meeting of the year with the letters A and B. The interpretation of each letter is up to you, be as tenuous or obvious as you please. For example, A for Archive Photo and B for Bee, let your imagination run wild. With the exception of the first week, the spirit of this challenge is to generate new work, not to use images from your archive.

For the first round, please email your images to slides.dpsnz@gmail.com, please title your images with your name and the letter, e.g. Freddie Mercury A or Elizabeth Windsor B. Please have your photos submitted by end of the Friday before each meeting.

3) Short Talk
Our President, Glenn Symon, will give the first Short Talk. This will be a regular feature of our meetings going forward.

4) Speaker
The first speaker to kick off 2019 is Kane Fleury from the Otago Museum.
Topic: Photography at Otago Museum — big, small, complex, fragile, deadlines.

5) Workshop
Clive Copeman will give a workshop on single frame storytelling. He will explore the story content in some well-known images and discuss his own take on how to tell a good story with a single image. Additionally, Clive is offering you the opportunity to submit one of your own pictures for us to examine and talk about on the night. Email your photos to Glenn Symon (president.dpsnz@gmail.com) by 7:00 pm Sunday 10 Feb. (that’s tonight, you laggards).


— Mark McGuire (Social Media Secretary)

1082-1088 Queen St W. Toronto, Canada, 3.38 PM Mon. 8 Oct. 2018 (Detail) by Mark McGuire (CC-BY)Photo: 1082-1088 Queen St. W. Toronto, Canada, 3.40 PM Mon. 8 Oct. 2018 (Detail) by Mark McGuire (CC-BY)

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