Photographer Profile: Adam Binns

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Adam Binns is a photographer based in Dunedin, he specialises in sport, music, event and general commercial imaging and is the first photographer to feature in the blog’s ‘Photographer Profile’ segment.


Current Camera EOS 1 DX Mk II and EOS 5D Mk III
Favourite Camera you have ever used/had My EOS 1 DX Mk II is the best camera I’ve ever had, but I’ve got a soft spot for the Chinon CE-4 I had back in the 80s
Which do you prefer? Either – no preference
And why? I love film and still shoot it sometimes.  I always said I wouldn’t go digital until the prints from it were as good as from film.  We’re a long way past that now. Being a sports photographer who files live to the picture agencies, digital is just great.  So I like them both equally now.
Which medium do you prefer? Print
And why? There’s something special about seeing a great image in physical existence.  Particularly when it’s well mounted and framed.
How did you get into photography and when? When I was 12 I pestered and pestered my parents into buying me an SLR. My first camera was a Praktica Super TL 1000. I absolutely loved it and it taught me the nuts and bolts of manual photography.  I helped form a photography club at school, and we were lucky enough to have a darkroom set up for us so I got to learn how to develop and print as well.  So I’ve been a photographer for 35 years now.
What keeps you inspired with your photography? I like to think that I see the world rectangularly.  I see pictures everywhere, so for me it’s about transferring what I see into an image for other people to see.
Do you have a particular theme that would summarise your photographs? I prefer for my photography to be what you see is what you get – ie no (or little) manipulation.  My images are tend to be a record of real life, but I do still sometimes get arty.  I’m not one for photoshopping and changing reality too much though.
Where is the best place that you have been to take photos? Baker Beach, San Francisco, California.  The best image I ever took was of Golden Gate Bridge in black and white, and it was superbly hand printed by a lab in Leicester in the UK.
What piece of equipment could you not do without in your camera bag? My monopod.  Running a 400 f2.8 I couldn’t work without it.  I was flying up to Christchurch once to photograph a Crusaders rugby game and I’d got a nagging feeling sitting on the aeroplane that I was forgetting something. Just as the captain put full throttle on I remembered.  It was my monopod.  I had to go to Photo Warehouse when I got to Christchurch to buy another one.  I now have two monopods.
Do you have any advice for your fellow photographers? Take advice from people who know what they are on about.  Don’t get upset at constructive advice.  Use it to improve. But always keep your own style.  Don’t copy others.
Do you have any favourite photography related websites or web resources that you’d like to share with us ? (this includes your own) (one of the agencies I work for)

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