Member Profile: Nicola Pye

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Year joined DPS 2013
Signification positions held in DPS Secretary
Honours LPSNZ
Current camera Olympus OMD EM1
Favourite camera you have ever used/had The first one I bought myself when I was 16 – a Pentax K1000
Which do you prefer: Film or Digital? Digital
And why? Digital – you can afford to make way more mistakes or experiment more, at no cost.
Which do you prefer: Print or Projected? Projected
And why?
Because I’m cheap, stingy and lazy 😉 
How did you get into photography? My dad used to set up a dark room in the bathroom after we all went to bed, which made it seem so intriguing and mysterious.  I did photography at school for a year, but then didn’t really pick up a camera properly except to take photos of my babies. Decided I needed a hobby in 2013, so enrolled in the SIT Diploma in Digital Photography, and joined DPS then.
What is your most memorable moment from your time at DPS so far? Probably the first weekend trip I went on with DPS, to Milford Sound – somehow I was roped in to taking on the secretary’s role, but it was also a lovely weekend away, with nothing much to do except photography and a few dishes.
What keeps you inspired with your photography? Setting projects and expectations – although I love taking photos, there often isn’t enough time in the day, or a good enough reason to make the time…if I have a set date to meet, I find it much easier to go out and take the photographs, and a deadline promotes desperate inspiration!  Sometimes our projected image of the month is the only thing that reminds me to pick up my camera…
Do you have a particular theme that would summarise your photographs? Eclectic and haphazard
Where is the best place that you have been to take photos? Anywhere stormy and dramatic
What piece of equipment could you not do without in your camera bag? After the camera, an extra battery or two
Do you have any advice for your fellow photographers?
Not really – but if they have any for me, please email it ASAP 😀

Do you have any favourite photography related websites or web resources that you’d like to share with other members?
I don’t have any real favourites, but I do scan through Instagram a lot for ideas and inspiration, and Youtube is an endless source of useful videos (and quite a bit of complete rubbish).