Member Profile: Melanie Middlemiss

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Year joined DPS  2010
Signification positions held in DPS Vice President 2015, President 2016, Councillor (current)
Honours LPSNZ
Current camera Olympus OMD EM10
Favourite camera you have ever used/had Pentax K100D (but I am growing to love my Olympus)
Which do you prefer: Film or Digital? Digital
And why? I have only really ever photographed using digital, apart from when I was a kid and was just snapping away not knowing what I was doing (and how much it was costing my parents to develop the film!)
Which do you prefer: Print or Projected? Print
And why? I like seeing the finished product. It feels like the final step in the process to me.
How did you get into photography? My brother brought me a DSLR camera before I went on my OE in 2009 and I got hooked.
What is your most memorable moment from your time at DPS so far? I have lots of good memories, but I think so far the most memorable has been celebrating 125 years of the society. It was great helping to get the exhibition and events organised and great to learn more about the history of the society in the process.
What keeps you inspired with your photography? Seeing what others are up to experimenting with new techniques.
Where is the best place that you have been to take photos?  I have been lucky enough to visit London a few times now and absolutely love photographing there. I love the anonymity of being able to photograph people in the streets, the amazing street art, and the mix of old and new architecture. There is always something different and unusual to photograph.
Do you have any favourite photography related websites or web resources that you’d like to share with other members?