Member Profile: Kathy Richards

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Year joined DPS 2015
Signification positions held in DPS Council Member
Current camera Nikon D3000
Favourite camera you have ever used/had Nikon D3000
Which do you prefer: Film or Digital? Digital
And why? Because I can experiment more and see the results instantly
Which do you prefer: Print or Projected? Print
And why? Projection is convenient and easy to use and share but I enjoy viewing images in hard copy more
How did you get into photography? My husband was interested in photography and I used his camera to record the kids as they were growing up. I enjoy all sorts of art forms. Drawing, painting, fabric sculpture etc. For me, photography is just another medium for sharing how I see the world.
What is your most memorable moment from your time at DPS so far? I had two goals when I joined DPS. To get an image on the wall in an exhibition and to get an image into the NZ Camera book. I have achieved both so I am stoked.
What keeps you inspired with your photography? I tend to be obsessive with hobbies, then get bored of them and move on to something else. But photography is so diverse, there are always new concepts, subjects and tools to explore, I don’t think I will ever get bored with it. I look up photographers that inspire me, but mainly I am inspired by the world around me.
Do you have a particular theme that would summarise your photographs? I like the wabi sabi concept. The beauty of imperfection, impermanence, the state between being and not being.  Layers of peeling paint, rusty cars, stark trees, skeleton leaves, subtle colours, patterns and textures. I also look for juxtapositions and emergence.
Where is the best place that you have been to take photos? On the glacier at Franz Josef. Blue ice, melted into constantly changing sculptures.
What piece of equipment could you not do without in your camera bag? My camera. That’s all I really need.  I don’t have much equipment. One camera, two lenses, one battery, an ND filter. A couple of little bean bags which are useful to hold my camera still when I don’t have my tripod.
Do you have any advice for your fellow photographers? Stay true to yourself. Make images that you like and are proud of, not just ones that meet the brief, or you think the judges will like.
Use the title to help tell the story.
Always shoot in RAW and use good editing software to get the most from your image.

Do you have any favourite photography related websites or web resources that you’d like to share with other members?
I like pinterest for ideas like portrait poses and tips.
Graphicriver has some fun photoshop actions.
My favourite photography book resource is ’30-Second Photography’ edited by Brian Dilg.