Lighting Workshop


Lighting Workshop – Melanie Middlemiss

Last night was the 5th Monday of the month and, as has become custom, we held a practical workshop for interested members.  The topic of last night’s workshop was lighting – using off-camera flash and other lighting accessories.  Members were invited to bring their cameras and flashes and any other lighting gear they had.  An added bonus were the mannequin heads provided by Linda – they were spectacular models, holding their pose for the whole night, and never a word of complaint out of them!

Craig led the workshop, and stepped us all through the different ways to light your subject.  Everyone got to have a turn at photographing our model and observing the effect of the light modifiers on their images.  It was a good chance for most people to have a look at their camera settings to work out things like how to use manual flash, and change the flash power etc.

A big thanks to Craig from everyone who attended for his efforts in putting the workshop together and providing members with another fun night of learning.