Z-A Photo Challenge

The A-Z Photo Challenge is back again this year, this time as the Z-A Photo Challenge.

We will make our way from Z to A over the course of 2020 with 2 or 3 letters being shown in a slideshow each meeting. You will be informed of the letters via Facebook and at the meeting before the letters are shown in a slideshow.

Use the relevant letter to think of a name for your photo, be as creative, literal or tenuous as your wish.

This is a fun challenge to encourage members to always have a photograph in mind, so please try not to use photos from your archive.

You can upload your image via the DPS members Facebook group (like and comment on others’ images) or via the form below.

* Please rename your file before uploading with the letter_yourname_title
e.g: Z_John_Zebra.jpg 
* Images not named correctly will not be included in slideshow
* Image files must be in jpeg/jpg format
* Images cannot be longer than 1620 pixels on the horizontal and 1080 on the vertical.
* Image files must be less than 2MB