Seasonal Exhibitions

Contact information for issues regarding competition entries:

The club holds four seasonal exhibitions each year:

  • Autumn Print
  • Winter Projected Image
  • Spring Print
  • Summer Projected Image

Members can submit up to six entries in each of the Open and Natural History sections of each exhibition. Points are awarded for each acceptance, honours and award. The points are aggregated toward a variety of annual trophies. Images previously accepted for exhibition in one these four exhibitions cannot be submitted again.

  • Open Section: Any subject matter and any treatment is acceptable but the degree of alteration accepted is at the discretion of the judge.
  • Natural History Section: in this category the subject must illustrate aspects of natural history. The title must include the proper and/or scientific name. All subjects should be in the wild and not domesticated or in captivity. Naturalized subjects are allowable providing that they are taken under natural, not domestic, conditions. Evidence of the presence of human beings should be avoided unless it is a required part of the subject’s environment. Any enhancement cannot significantly alter the original scene and should respect the structural and scientific integrity of the subject and the actual environment of which it is part.

Submitting prints

  • Members can submit up to 6 prints in each category – Open and Natural History
  • Prints must have a title, author’s name and category on the back of the print
  • Prints may be any size provided they are mounted on a base measuring a minimum of 400cm2 and a maximum of 2000cm2.

Submitting projected images

  • Members can submit up to 6 images in each category – Open and Natural History
  • Images should be submitted as a jpeg that are no longer than 1620 pixels on the horizontal and 1080 on the vertical, and be no larger than 2MB.
  • Images should be submitted using the online submission form

Please note that only financial members of the society are eligible to enter competitions.